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The ICIP begins its blog with a post on the international fishing situation in Somalia

The Institute's Director, Tica Font, starts the debate on the ICIP blog, which aims to be a forum for reflections on the culture of peace.

The International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) has begun its blog "The ICIP Blog", a forum for ideas and reflections on the culture of peace. The ICIP will thereby strengthen its Internet presence and open a new communication channel for stimulating debate in society on subjects relating to the culture of peace. The blog can be consulted at: http://blocs.gencat. cat/blocs/AppPHP/ICIP/.

The first post to be published, written by Tica Font, the ICIP Director, is entitled "Mercenaries against Somalian pirates" and is an open reflection, full of unresolved issues, on whether the State should be involved in the protection of private businesses or activities, such as the fishing fleet fishing in Somalian waters, and the various aspects to be considered.

The ICIP blog also includes a section with links to other blogs by members of the ICIP Board of Governors and to organisations and institutions linked to the Institute, as well as a number of interesting links about the culture of peace.

As well as a blog, the ICIP also has a profile on the social networks Facebook and Twitter.