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The ICIP begins the second series of conferences on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

To mark the international seminar held between behind closed doors 30 November and 2 December, the ICIP has organised a second series of conferences on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

While the first issue analysed the roots, development and human, social and economic costs of the conflict, and how it is viewed by external observers, this time it is the turn of Palestinian and Israeli Camp David negotiators and Palestinian and international humanitarian workers in Gaza to analyse the initiatives that are being undertaken to overcome the conflict and build peace.

The first of the public conferences, which will consider the Camp David negotiations, will be held on 30 November. The participants are Shlomo Ben-Ami, ex-Israeli Foreign Minister and head of the Israeli delegation at Camp David; Saëb Erakat, Palestinian diplomat and head of the Palestinian delegation at Camp David; Alberto Spektorowski, lecturer at the University of Tel Aviv and adviser to the Ben-Ami ministry during the Camp David negotiations and Hussein Agha, member of St. Antony's College Oxford, and an expert in conflicts.