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The UN, the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia and the ICIP organise a course for mediators on indigenous peoples and the construction of peace

The Catalan Government's secretary for Institutional Relations and Participation, Josep Vendrell, and the head of the Peace and Security department of the UN Staff College, Svenja Korth, opened the course on Indigenous peoples and peace: a collection of best practices, on Monday 9 November. The workshop, organised jointly by the Generalitat's Office for the Promotion Peace and Human Rights, the UN Staff College and the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP), brought officials working on peace missions all over the world to Barcelona.

The workshop was for UN and Generalitat personnel, academic staff and those working in organisations in civil society, and was the result of an agreement between the Generalitat and the UN Staff College to make Catalonia the Spain's leading United Nations training centre. The objective was for participants to share their experiences and identify the best practices in the field of the construction of peace and indigenous peoples and to analyse experiences in countries including Bolivia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Peru and Kenya.