You are reading the first issue of the ICIP electronic magazine, PER LA PAU/PEACE IN PROGRESS

The magazine, which will initially be published seven times a year, in Catalan and English (and in the future, also in Spanish), aims to provide analysis and viewpoints. Its objective is to stimulate opinion and spread ideas, especially those fostered at the ICIP and in similar centres. In short, it will strive to be a medium that generates opinion, stimulates debate and has an effect on ideas and action, at a national and international level.


To that end, the magazine is targeted at two major groups of readers. First, the sectors stipulated in the Law establishing the ICIP: the academic community, public administrations, the peace movement and civil society. Second, professional sectors interested in the areas in which the ICIP works (particularly the media) and specialised public opinion.

Like all magazines, it has a pre-planned structure. As well as the editorial, it contains four main sections: In depth - which focuses on a specific issue, with articles, interviews and a section providing hints for finding out more; The Platform - consisting of various opinion articles; Recommended reading, with reviews of books, reports, websites and organisations, and News, featuring relevant items about the Institute and elsewhere.

Deciding to dedicate the first issue to twenty years of disarmament campaigns and to the Second Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty in particular, on its tenth anniversary, was easy.

First, because we express our gratitude for work of the peace movement, which was successful in placing the subject on the agenda and forcing states to accept the desirability of prohibition and the urgent need for it. This is reminiscent of the humanitarian law and laws of war that came about as a result of the campaigns after the battle of Solferino. Second, because it is a campaign and a success that has had a great deal of influence on other campaigns. And third, because it enables us to consider the entire disarmament and arms control agenda in the future. We hope that the choice of subjects and authors is of interest to our readers.

Our final words here concern the title. Per la pau or Peace in progress means that peace is a process - an ongoing, constant, day-by-day task. The results depend on the work done by individuals and institutions, which is not always co-ordinated and indeed cannot always be co-ordinated. It is everyone's responsibility. Our magazine therefore aims to contribute to making people anxious and concerned. As Freire would say: "we must be restless in seeking peace, in making peace".