ICIP starts monitoring the work of the United Nations

The ICIP website now has a section monitoring the work done by the various bodies of the United Nations in the fields of security and conflict resolution. It contains the most important documents concerning the work done in 2010 by the United Nations Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council, the Peacebuilding Commission and the Committee on Disarmament and Security of the United Nations General Assembly. There is also a section on the Universal Periodic Review, a Human Rights Council support mechanism, which was created in 2006 in order to periodically review the implementation of human rights in the 193 UN member states.

All information is available in Catalan and Spanish, and has been grouped in order to facilitate research work by those interested in learning about the UN's work in the security field. The space will be updated annually and can be viewed at the 'Library / Thematic dossiers' section of the website