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The International Arms Trade Treaty takes shape

The Arms Trade Treaty negotiations took a big step forward this summer after the Third Preparatory Committee met in New York last July. The meetings were attended by diplomats from all over the world and 140 civil society organisations, including ICIP, and the conference closed having made significant progress thanks to the support of many countries, including the five members of UN Security Council (the United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Russia), which account for 88% of the global arms trade. In addition, a group of international banks and investors with assets of over 1.2 billion dollars also declared that it was in favour of the Treaty, which it believes will end irresponsible arms transfers.

The Treaty, which will regulate imports, exports and transfers of weapons worldwide, is expected to be signed at the United Nations headquarters in the summer of next year. There are still many issues to discuss, such as the possibility that the Treaty could also regulate the munitions trade and the number of ratifications required for the text to take effect. Talks will continue over the coming months.

More information at the ICIP website.