New: the ICIP Peace in Progress Award

In order to provide recognition for the work done by leading individuals and organisations in the field to promote and build peace, ICIP´s Board of Governors has approved the creation of the ICIP Peace in Progress Award, which is awarded annually by means of a call for nominations, the conditions of which will be published shortly on the website

In addition, the ICIP Board has also decided that an award, on an extraordinary basis, will be granted to the Parliament of Catalonia for representing and symbolising the continuity and legacy of two institutions created by the people of Catalonia in order to make the ideal of peace a reality: the Peace and Truce of God, and the Consulate of the Sea. The presentation of this extraordinary ICIP award will take place in the Parliament of Catalonia on 24 October, on the same day as the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the speech by Pau Casals to the United Nations.