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The end of ETA's armed struggle

After 40 years of conflict, the Basque terrorist group, Euskadi ta Askatasuna, has decided to put an end to its violent campaign. According to an announcement released on the 20th of October the International Peace Conference held in San Sebastian three days prior to the declaration – where, among others, the UN's former Secretary General Kofi Annan and Sinn Féin's leader Gerry Adams took part – was key in formulating the terrorists' decision. The top members of ETA, who considered the event to be of "great political importance", declared that "the recognition of Euskal Herria and the respect of the people's will have to prevail over imposition" since that "is the wish of the citizens of the Basque Country". Peace organizations such as ICIP celebrate the announcement and consider that this is a very important step on the road towards peace and reconciliation in the Basque Country.