Women, war and peace

Women, War and Peace is a series of five documentaries which depict the situation of women in different conflict zones in the world.

In addition to being victims of conflicts and wars, women are key figures in peace and reconciliation processes. Set in four different continents, these documentaries question the traditional view of war as a "man's thing" and they are a useful tool to illustrate how it affects women.

The first episode, I Came to Testify, reports the story of Bosnian women of the city of Foca at the witness stand of the International Criminal Court, where, for the first time, violation was recognized and punished as a crime against humanity. The second, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, narrates the fight for peace by Liberian women after 14 years of civil war. The third episode, Peace Unveiled, depicts how Afghan women stand up against the Taliban. The next episode, The War We Are Living, tells the story of afro-Colombian women who fight against terror at the Cauca region. Last, War Redefined offers us a global vision by means of testimonials of several experts and victims of conflicts.

The series is available on the web site, where you can also find interviews and extra material related to these conflicts, complementing the previously mentioned episodes.

M. L.