ICIP recognizes the struggle of conscientious objectors and insubmisos with the ICIP Peace in Progress Award

On February 29th the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) awarded the First ICIP Peace in Progress Award to the group of conscientious objectors and insubmisos (Spanish term for a person who refuses to do military service or any substitute social work) who opposed compulsory military service. The Award was presented on behalf of the group to Pepe Beunza, the first conscientious objector for ideological reasons in Spain, who was accompanied by four other representatives of the movement: Jordi Agulló, Jaume Llansó, Ramon Panyella, and Martí Olivella. In his acceptance speech, Beunza called for a culture of peace to build a more just and peaceful society and committed to continue fighting against the current "international financial dictatorship"

The award recognizes the work of conscientious objectors and insubmisos "in representing a long and diverse struggle against compulsory military service, which contributed to the entrenchment of democracy and to spreading the values of a culture of peace". Through its rejection of the use of arms, the group also spread the values of "conscientious objection, civil disobedience and the nonviolent resolution of conflicts."

The ICIP Peace in Progress Award is conferred annually and consists of an honorary distinction, public recognition and a sculpture created by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, activist and artist, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, titled, Porta del Sol.