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    • The message from the squares
      Elena Grau Biosca

      Some episodes in history call for an explanation. They are moments of great intensity which shake our foundations and raise questions. A year ago on the Southern and Northern shores of the Mediterranean and, little by little throughout the world, diverse and spontaneous movements were born and exploded, transforming city squares into places of debate, dialogue, protest against a present which is unjust, violent, uncertain and fragile, and of discussion about a possible and desirable future. Read more

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  • Finding out more

    • Finding out more

      This section provides, on the one hand, a collection of resources relating to the Arab spring, the 15-M protests and links to a series of websites and centres focusing on nonviolence. And secondly, a short biographical text on Gene Sharp in which Rafael Grasa, under the heading The key practices for nonviolent action”, highlights the most significant features of the man and his work. Read more


  • Jonan Fernandez

    Jonan Fernandez, director of Baketik

    Eugènia Riera

    Jonan Fernandez has worked actively for human rights and peace in the Basque Country. For 14 years he headed up Elkarri and is currently the director of Baketik, a research centre focusing on ethical conflict resolution based on the sum of two concepts: peace (bak) and ethics (etik). In this interview, Fernandez reflects on the challenges facing the Basque peace process after the end to violence and on the importance of reconciliation in overcoming the conflict. Read more



  • DemocracyLab Logo

    Democracy Lab: is a unique journalistic effort to cover the transition from authoritarianism to democracy the world over


    The current wave of revolution sweeping through the Arab world shows us, once again, that the transition from authoritarianism to democracy faces many political and economic challenges. In view of this, the award-winning magazine Foreign Policy together with the Legatum Institute, an independent, public-policy group based in London, have come together to foster a project to study the complexities involved in transitions from authoritarianism to democracy in an online “laboratory”. Read more

  • Cover of the publication

    The Road to Tahrir

    Assaf, Sherif (et al.), The Road to Tahrir. Front Line Images by Six Young Egyptian Photographers, Cairo and New York: The American University in Cairo Press, 2011

    There have been many media sources, artists and people in the Street who have wished to immortalise the Arab Spring so that it remains registered in our collective memory. This is the case of six young Egyptian photographers whose cameras were placed at the service of the revolution, which they accompanied around the clock to capture every possible detail of the events which transformed the lives of the Egyptian people. Read more

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