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10 online resources about the ATT

Many of them are websites offering different kinds of reliable and detailed information about the ATT negotiation process. This section contains the 10 we consider to be the most important.

1 - The United Nations website on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) has been recently updated to increase and improve the resources provided. It contains documents, official speeches, opportunities to contact with UN staff devoted to these issues, information for the media, and an explanation of the general activities carried out by the UNODA, the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. Some documents are available in all official languages of the UN, while others are available only in English.

2 - Control Arms is a civil society campaign comprised of various non-government organisations calling for a strong legally binding ATT. This website offers reports on treaty negotiations, official documents drafted in preparatory committees in recent years, Control Arms Positions Papers on treaty negotiations, and important information about the arms trade.

3 - 'Mapping the arms treaty' is an initiative of Reaching Critical Will, Control Arms and other organisations to track and categorise states' positions on key issues concerning the ATT through maps indicating states' positions on each point of negotiation. It is a site that will become increasingly more important as treaty negotiations move forward.

4 - Website of Reaching Critical Will, a project of the non-profit organisation WILPE. Reaching Critical Will is involved in the Arms Trade Treaty negotiation process as a non-governmental player. It provides all the official documents drafted within the Preparatory Committees and links to other organisations that are important in monitoring and promoting the Treaty. In particular, it contains the daily notes summarising discussions between diplomats in each session.

5 - The Arms Trade Treaty Monitor is an initiative supported by Reaching Critical Will of the Women's International League Peace and Freedom, Global Action to Prevent War, Oxfam, and the International Action Network Against Small Arms (IANSA) which from the first PrepCom in July 2010 has featured independent articles and reports on ATT negotiations. It is a blog with a variety of material that is updated regularly with contributions from different members of civil society throughout the negotiations.

6 - The Arms Trade Treaty legal blog brings together legal discussions regarding the ATT. Developed by the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, it exhaustively tracks the negotiations and features a regular summary of the various positions of states on the issues addressed and gives solid legal arguments concerning various issues in the framework of the ATT negotiations.

7. For French speakers, we have included a blog in French about the Treaty process. Very active during the days of negotiations, it focuses on different aspects of arms trade, paying special attention to French-speaking players. It is updated frequently, also during July 2012.

8. Amnesty International is one of the three pillars of the Control Arms campaign. Here you have the opportunity to sign in favour of the ATT. There are also links to other AI resources worldwide, such as documents, blogs, etc. AI will be in New York with a large team of lobbyists.

9. Oxfam is the second pillar of the Control Arms campaign. This Oxfam site features information about arms trading in Spain and links to other international resources. Oxfam will also be in New York with a large team of lobbyists.

10. The Catalan ONG Fundació per la Pau, as a member of the IANSA (the third pillar of the Control Arms campaign), has long been active in the ATT process and will also be in New York. The website allows visitors to sign in favour of the Treaty in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, French and English) and contains other resources and links.

Lastly, the website of the ICIP is one of the most complete and up-to-date currently on the Internet. It features a summary of the main web pages with resources on the arms trade. It also has a history of national and international news stories related to weapons trading. We have also compiled a collection of related academic material, whether in the form of special issues or journal articles, all of which is available in the ICIP library. Furthermore, the section on the ATT contains the major official documents from the Preparatory Committee of the negotiations, a schedule of activities to stay on top of major developments in this area, as well as a timeline of the entire process.