• Imatge: armscontrol

    Imatge: armscontrol

    The need to be radical, getting to the roots

    Rafael Grasa

    It is often said, with a contemptuous or condescending tone, that people and groups that –from academia, institutions or social movements– struggle to build peace are utopian. And undoubtedly we are, but in a particular sense: we often seek that which does not fully exist yet anywhere (as it is expressed by the etymology of the word), but we are never chimerical nor seekers of the impossible. What is sought is possible and probable, with differing degrees of likelihood. Read more

In depth

  • Introduction

    • Negotiating the Arms Trade Treaty
      Xavier Alcalde

      At the International Conference in July 2012, states will be the key players who must negotiate the Arms Trade Treaty. Nevertheless, at the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP), we wanted to focus on the activists, because, as stated by García Moritán in the main interview in this issue, ‘without civil society, there will be no treaty’. Indeed, pressure from NGOs is a prerequisite for the success of such a process. That is why here we are proposing a sample of activists who are behind the campaign: who they are, how they work, why they got involved and, in short, what they intend to achieve. Read more

  • Central Articles

  • Finding out more

    • 10 online resources about the ATT

      Many of them are websites offering different kinds of reliable and detailed information about the ATT negotiation process. This section contains the 10 we consider to be the most important. Read more


  • Roberto García Moritán

    Roberto García Moritán, chairman of the Global Arms Trade Treaty Diplomatic Conference

    Eugènia Riera

    With a professional career focused on international security issues and disarmament spanning nearly 40 years, Argentine ambassador Roberto García Moritán now has the privilege to chair the Global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) meetings and to preside over the Diplomatic Conference in New York in July. We spoke to him about the benefits that the ATT will entail and about the difficulties that have hampered the long process leading to its approval. Read more