New publications

The collection "Eines de pau, seguretat i justícia," published by ICIP and Icaria Editorial has expanded this spring with the publication of the book La societat noviolenta. Converses amb Pepe Beunza, by the researcher on peace issues, Pere Ortega. The book narrates the experiences of Pepe Beunza, the first conscientious objector to oppose compulsory military service for ideological reasons in Spain.

Other new ICIP publications worth mentioning include the Working Papers Segregation and the Onset of Civil War, by Lesley-Ann Daniels (published in Catalan and English), New Developments of Peace Research. The Impact of Recent Campaigns on Disarmament and Human Security by Javier Alcalde and Rafael Grasa (in English), The Analysis of the Framing Processes of the Basque Peace Movement: the Way Lokarri and Gesto por la Paz Changed Society, by Egoitz Gago Anton (in English), and Autonomía comunitaria y caciquismo: identidad étnica, control social y violencia en una comunidad mixe de Oaxaca, by Ignacio Iturralde Blanco (in Spanish).

As for the collection of Documents and Reports, the following papers have been published: Prevenció de conflictes, foment de la pau i cooperació per al desenvolupament, by Nadja Gmelch (in Catalan), La responsabilidad penal del personal de Naciones Unidas, by Xavier Pons (in Spanish), and the proceedings of the seminar Companies in Conflict Situations (in English), organized by ICIP in autumn 2011.

Finally, the fifth issue of the ICIP Bibliographic Dossier has also been published this spring. This dossier is a compilation of magazine articles available in the ICIP library, with a specific section on the Arab Spring. The ICIP Bibliographic Dossier is published in an electronic format in Catalan, Spanish and English.