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The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal examines the case of Mexico

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal (PPT) held a session in Mexico in June to give visibility to the current situation of violence in the country, the human rights violations, especially of indigenous peoples, and the deaths of thousands of people caused by a series of conflicts and dynamics of social disintegration.

The chapter on Mexico has identified the series of free-trade agreements signed by the Mexican government as a fundamental cause of the structural deterioration of the country's economic, social, environmental, political, cultural and institutional quality of life. That is why the central theme of the chapter is entitled "Free Trade, Violence, Impunity and Peoples' Rights." The PPT is an ethical, international, non-governmental tribunal, created in 1979, that examines the causes of violations of fundamental human rights and rights of peoples, and publicly denounces those responsible for these violations.

The session on Mexico has coincided with the campaign for the presidential election, scheduled to take place on July 1. In this context, the movement "Yo Soy 132," a pacifist platform born on a university campus, has emerged demanding changes in the country. The name of the movement refers to a protest by 131 students against PRI candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto.