El tiempo es ahora

El tiempo es ahora. ¿Es posible una memoria incluyente de las víctimas en el ámbito local? Experiencias y desafíos. Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos Argituz, 2012.

The report El Tiempo es ahora ("The Time is Now"), published by the Argituz association, provides an analysis of the possibilities of constructing an inclusive memory for the victims of terrorism and politically motivated violence, as a consequence of the violent conflict in the Basque Country.

The text is structured in three parts. The first part reviews the international experience in relation to the importance that measures of recognizing responsibility and symbolic actions of collective memory have for victims. Part two analyzes the experiences developed within the Basque territory, studies their problems, their impact and their difficulties, and compiles the considerations of the protagonists. The third part deals with lessons learned and the difficulties for an inclusive memory in the Basque Country, establishing some criteria which take into account the relationship with the victims, the projects developed at a local level, as well as the challenges, so that this inclusive memory becomes a mechanism of recognition and violence prevention in the present and future.

In a context marked by the end of ETA violence and by a political normalization which allows for participation in politics and for a life free of threats and fear, the recognition of responsibility and of memory is one of the steps pending in the process of reconstructing the relations fractured by violence.