CAPMATCH: online platform for exchanging experiences in post-conflict situations

The new online platform called Global Marketplace for Civilian Capacities (in short: CAPMATCH), launched by the UN in September this year, allows both governmental and non-governmental organizations to share post-conflict transition experiences, in order to learn more from policies and peacebuilding strategies which have been put in place so far.

CAPMATCH, which forms part of the UN Civilian Capacities Initiative, aims to capture experiences from all over the world, with a particular focus on "the global South". Stressing that there is no single model for institution-building, organizations are recommended to look at numerous different types of experience and to adapt these to their own local contexts.

Examples of CAPMATCH experience exchanges include Liberia requesting support in implementing its national capacity development strategy or Cote d'Ivoire offering to share its experience of its first post-conflict election process while at the same time asking for expertise to continue to build the functions of its independent electoral commission.

Aiming to address areas in which expertise is in high demand, the platform prioritises: safety and security (including community violence reduction, disarmament and demobilization, mine action, police, protection of civilians, security sector reform, and transnational crime and counter-terrorism), justice (incl. criminal justice, judicial and legal reforms and transnational justice), core government functionality, economic revitalization, and inclusive political process.

Clearly, the more government agencies and civil society organizations take part in this initiative, the more useful CAPMATCH will be, which is why all organizations with experience in post-conflict situations are encouraged to sign up to this platform. Organizations can also create joint ventures, by offering their combined experience through a package of services and/or capacities for third parties. For more information, see the user guide available on the CAPMATCH website.