New publications and didactic materials

The collection Paz y Seguridad, co-edited by ICIP and Edicions Bellaterra, has expanded this autumn with the publication of the title Construir la paz: la experiencia y el papel de las mujeres en perspectiva internacional by Elisabeth Porter. The book, which explores the experience and the role of women in peacebuilding processes, provides us with a valuable reflection on concepts, debates and proposals about what it means to build peace and establishes a notion of peacebuilding as an integral and multidimensional process. The prologue to this Spanish edition has been written by Carmen Magallon.

Amongst the latest ICIP publications we can also highlight the Working Papers Does Warfare Matter? Severity, Duration, and Outcomes of Civil Wars, by Laia Balcells and Stathis Kalyvas (published in English); Las posiciones de los diferentes grupos políticos israelíes sobre la resolución de la situación de los Refugiados, by Aritz García (in Spanish); and Els esperantistes catalans. Un col·lectiu pacifista en un món global, by Hèctor Alòs (in Catalan).

In the collection Research Results the following works have been published: Las Operaciones Militares de España en el Exterior (in Spanish), written by Eduardo Melero; Justicia de Transición: El caso de España (in Spanish), directed by Santiago Ripol Carulla and Carlos Villán Durán; Lecciones aprendidas de la participación española en guerras asimétricas (2000-2012) (in Spanish), directed by Rafael Martínez; and La política de exportaciones de armamento de los países de la Unión Europea a África (2002-2010) (in Spanish), written by Eduardo Melero.

This autumn ICIP has also published Bibliographic Dossier, Issue 7, which highlights a selection of recent articles published in academic journals available in the ICIP library and with a special section about chronic violence and urban violence.

Moreover, a book of teaching material entitled Studying the Libyan conflict by use of the 'Libya, Year Zero' Exposition has been edited by ICIP. This volume aims to support educators working on the Libyan conflict with their students by offering them Alfonso Moral's photographic material on the subject. With this volume ICIP hopes to help students understand the causes of violent conflict, incite them to reflect upon the consequences of violence and military intervention, and encourage them to be critical of the view that there is no alternative to war in the transformation of conflict. The book is also designed to bring our students at home closer to the reality lived by the Libyan population, shed light upon the things that both populations have in common, and to find connections between the youth in these two countries joined culturally and geographically by the Mediterranean.