New ICIP publications and materials

The book  Manual del facilitador. Mètodes, habilitats, actituds i valors has been published as issue 8 of the collection co published by ICIP and Icaria. Written by John Townsend and Paul Donovan, this handbook is a small collection of tricks, tools and techniques for all of those who are faced with the challenge of bringing out the best in people during meetings, team-building sessions, work groups, problem resolutions groups, conflict resolution and training sessions.

The first report to result from the textbook review observatory conducted by ICIP was presented last January 26th and it is designed specifically for professionals in the education sector. The report analyses seven history books used by high school students in 4th of ESO.

ICIP Reports collection has published: República Democràtica del Congo: un estat de la qüestió, by Josep Ma. Royo; Los crímenes de naturaleza sexual en el Derecho Internacional Humanitario, by Isabel Lirola and Magdalena Martín; and Transitional Justice Process in Nepal, by Carlos Fernández Torné. Issue 10 of the Document collection Les institucions medievals de pau a Catalunya  has also been published.

Within the ICIP Working Papers collection there have been some new publications as well: Peacetime Violence in el Salvador and Honduras. A Tale of two Countries, by Rachel Meyer; Social Media and Political Change: the case of the 2011 revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, by Regina Salanova; and Political Humor as a Confrontational Tool Against the Syrian Regime, by Blanca Camps-Febrer.

The second pedagogical guide published by ICIP aims to be a helpful tool for teachers who want to work on the conflict bewteen Isarael and Palestina with their students from the photographic exhibition "Paraules descalces. Dones fent pau" ("Barefoot words. Women making Peace").

Two new Policy Papers have been published as well: War, politics and peacebuilding: thoughts and practical guidelines derived from ancient times by Daniel Gómez, Toni Ñaco and Jordi Principal; and The role of the African Union in Somalia: where to go from here with the AMISOM peace operation?, by Neus Ramis.

And last, but not least, Issue 8 of the ICIP Bibliographic Dossier, which includes a specific section entitled "The perception of sovereignty in ongoing conflicts over self-governance, autonomy and statehood" has been published as well.