Worsening humanitarian situation for Syrian refugees

A recent report by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) denounces that the humanitarian crisis in Syria is pushing to the limits the health services of Syria's neighboring countries. Over a 1.4 million people have been displaced in the region, with more than a million of them concentrated in three countries (Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon).

There are two main challenges which need to be adressed at this moment. First, the way in which host countries can offer medical treatment to the refugees, taking into account economic difficulties and spare resources. Second, the severe saturation of medical services, which is pushing these countries' health services to the limit.

By the end of April 2013, 1.401.435 Syrian refugees had been registered. This is 30% higher than the number predicted a year ago in the Syria Regional Refugee Response Plan, whereas only 55% of the assigned funding has been received.

The amount of refugees received by other countries in the region: 448.370 in Jordan, 441.394 in Lebanon, 313.689 in Turkey, 137.657 in Iraq, and 50.273 in Egypt.

For the complete UNHCR report click here.