International Day of Peace at the ICIP

21 September, the International Day of Peace, is an annual public event for the ICIP for making assessments and commitments for action, on its return to work after the summer. For this reason, the ICIP will make an Institutional Declaration which will include a general assessment of the situation of peace in the world, an overview of the work done by the ICIP in 2009-10 and a commitment to work for 2010-11.

As well as the institutional declaration, various published materials and the first books in the ICIP collections, Peace and Non-violence Classics and Tools for Peace, Security and Justice will be published.

There will be an exhibition in front of the ICIP offices between 20 and 26 September, featuring photographs by Dani Lagartofernández. The exhibition presents thirteen words, thirteen stories of thirteen women committed to the construction of peace in the Middle East. This exhibition also aims to raise awareness of the United Nations Security Council's resolution 1325, which highlights the role of women as agents for peace, and calls for guarantees for the presence of women in decision-making spaces and within mechanisms for conflict prevention, management and resolution.