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    Looking at the roots, a prerequisite for change

    Rafael Grasa

    Important international meetings are taking place this autumn, which will lead to important commitments for the future or at least momentous decisions for various aspects of peace (justice, welfare, inequality) and their instruments (coalitions and campaigns, various movements and actors, international bodies, and research programmes, among others), as referred to in the titles of the ICIP declarations on the International Day of Peace 2009 and 2010 (see www.icip.cat). Read more

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  • Francesc Mateu

    Interview with Francesc Mateu

    Cèlia Cernadas

    Francesc Mateu - Director of Intermon-Oxfam in Catalonia and President of the Catalan Federation of NGOs for Development

    Is it possible to understand cooperation without civil society?
    No. Civil society must be involved in all stages of cooperation projects, civil society cannot be left out of any process, even a process that involves conflict. The chronification of many of these processes occurs because we have left out civil society. At Intermon, we understand that any process needs active citizens and effective governments. Read more


  • Cover of the book

    Conflict transformation

    John Paul Lederach. Transformació de conflictes: petit manual d’ús. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Icària, 2010.

    John Paul Lederach condenses much of his thought into this book, and explains why it is often more useful to transform conflicts by means of a constructive change rather than solving them in the short term. Read more

  • Cover of the book


    Agneta Söderberg Jacobson. Repensar en femení!: manual per a una pau sostenible. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Icària, 2010

    The ICIP has decided to begin its collection of tools for peace, security and justice with two useful books: Transformació de conflictes, by John Paul Lederach and Repensar en femení! by Agneta Söderberg Jacobson. Both books are short and clear manuals that provide the reader with specific resources. Read more

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