Peace movements in Italy and Spain: an exchange of experiences

As a result of an ICIP initiative, activists from the peace movements in Italy, Spain and Catalonia met in Barcelona to share experiences, review the breakthroughs made by the movement and analyse the outlook for the future. The seminars, which took place on 29 and 30 October, were entitled "Peace in movement. Experiences of the peace movement in Italy and Spain," and were attended by very well-known figures in European pacifism, such as the journalist Giuliana Sgrena, the famous Italian conscientious objector Giuliano Pontara and the Italian journalist, writer and activist Luciana Castellina, a founding member of the Italian Communist Party, ex-editor of the newspaper Il Manifesto, and an Italian and European Member of Parliament. Despite the seminars taking place behind closed doors, Castellina shared her experiences at a talk at the ICIP offices on 28 October, in which she recalls the initial friction between communism and pacifism and held the nuclear threat contributed to increasing activism. The other participants in the talk, chaired by the director of the ICIP, Tica Font, were Francesc Tubau, from the Aturem La Guerra Platform, and Pepe Beúnza, Spain's first conscientious objector.

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