The ICIP at the Santiago de Compostela 2010 Forum

The ICIP participated in the World Education Forum, held between 10 and 13 December as part of the Santiago 2010 Forum. The forum focused on the areas of education, research and the culture of peace. The ICIP was responsible for organising two workshops. The first, entitled: "Can peace be measured?" involved the ICIP director, Tica Font, and the president of the Institute, Rafael Grasa, as well as members of the School for a Culture of Peace, the Josep Maria Delàs Peace Studies Centre and the University of Granada Peace and Conflict Institute. The workshop presented the methodology and the study "Towards a peace index," and analysed the political, ethical and methodological limitations involved in attempting to measure it. The second workshop, led by Elena Grau, the ICIP's researcher and programme coordinator, and Dani Lagartofernández, a photographer, communicator and collaborator with the Institute, presented proposals for the communication of peace in an unconventional format. The ICIP also collaborated with a workshop organised by AIPAZ entitled "Old and new issues in research and education for peace." Finally, the ICIP president spoke to the international plenary session on research for peace.

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