"Om Mohammad", a documentary about everyday life for women in Gaza, premieres in Olot

The ICIP commissioned the photographer and filmmaker Dani Lagartofernández to travel to Gaza to document a day in the life of Sabah, a widow with five children, one of whom lives in Catalonia. Sabah is the director of the local association Beit Almostuqbul, which provides support for women and families in the village of Khuza'ha, in an agricultural society fractured by war. The result is the fifteen-minute documentary "Om Mohammad. Mohammad's mother," available in Catalan, Spanish and English. This production complements the activities organised by the ICIP to commemorate the tenth anniversary of resolution 1325 of the United Nations, recognising women and children as the main victims of conflicts, and the key role that they can play in their resolution.

The documentary premiered in Olot on 29 January, accompanied by the exhibition "Barefoot words. Women making peace," which is also by Dani Lagartofernández, and looks at thirteen women working for reconciliation in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

To see the documentary: