• Peace is not born. It is made. (eneko)


    Research for peace and conflict resolution and transformation studies have long insisted on the importance of communication in the dynamics of conflicts and their resolution, in both their violent phase and at the point when the emphasis is placed on negotiations to obtain a ceasefire or the implementation of agreements and the construction of peace in the medium and long term. In addition, the crucial role of the new information and communication technologies in conflict resolution, and that of the global network of electronic communications and social networks in particular in the era of globalisation and cybertechnology, has also recently been stressed. Hence the importance of devoting the central topic of this issue to an in-depth review of the subject - the relationship between war, peace and communication. And hence some of the thoughts below. Read more

In depth


  • Gervasio Sánchez

    Interview with Gervasio Sánchez

    Cčlia Cernadas

    The victims of landmines were the subject of his first major project. People missing in conflicts and the suffering of their families has been the second, in a project that took him to Latin America, Asia and Europe. "Missing" is being exhibited in three different venues in Spain: there are 250 photographs, many of which are large format, showing torture chambers, prisons, and above all, people; people who in many cases have spent decades looking for their relatives. But Gervasio Sanchez (born Cordoba, 1959), a journalist with the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper, also works on everyday news, and writes down his impressions in his blog “Los desastres de la guerra” [The Disasters of War] (http://blogs.heraldo.es/gervasiosanchez/) Read more