A new season of the programme 'Latituds' begins on Canal 33

Sunday, May 1, saw the beginning of the second season of 'Latituds' on Canal 33, in which the ICIP is involved with the production of some documentaries. The programme looks at issues related to human rights, the construction of peace and development cooperation. It is broadcast on Sunday evenings (8.15pm).

In this new season, the ICIP has been involved in five documentaries, two of which have already been broadcast and can be viewed on the programme's website: 'Euskadi pacifista' [Pacifist Basque Country] and 'Frenant l'armamentisme' [Stopping The Arms Build-up]. The other three will be broadcast on 12 and 26 June and 10 July, and will look at the arms trade, peace activism and Costa Rica's experience as a country without an army.