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Finland will host the Biennial Conference of the European Peace Research Association (EUPRA)

The seventh general conference of the European Association for Peace Research will be held in Tampere (Finland) from 20 to 22 July. The theme on this occasion will be "Europe and the World." This is the only European-level meeting on these issues and the presence of researchers from leading centres in the Union (TAPRI, SIPRI, PRIO, the University of Bradford and the Flemish Institute for Peace) is anticipated, as well as individuals from other countries including the United States, Australia, India and Algeria.

The various panels will focus on peaceful mediation; armaments, disarmament and conversion; EU-Russia relations; the Euro-Mediterranean region; the Balkans; gender and peacekeeping operations; environmental conflicts; Turkey, Europe and the Middle East; migration and identity; visual research on peace; critical studies of security; human rights, human security and the responsibility to protect; and peace research and peace movements. Those attending will present their research studies, making the event an excellent opportunity to witness European leavel developments in the field of research for peace at first hand.

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