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The Catalan Parliament elects five new members to renew the ICIP Board of Governors  

The Parliament plenary session elected five new members for the ICIP Board of Governors last May 5th, thus complying with the second phase of renewal of the major organ of management of the Institute, which was on hold since 2014. The chamber elected Cécile Barbeito, Carme Colomina, Vicent Martínez Guzmán, Xavier Masllorens and Oscar Mateos, as the Board’s five new members, in substitution for Alfons Banda, Rafael Grasa, Àngels Mataró, Mònica Sabata and Josep Maria Terricabras.

The ICIP Board of Governors, as established by article 6 of ICIP Law 14/2007, is integrated by ten members: seven appointed by Parliament and three designated by the Government. These five new members will constitute the new Board of Governors together with Carme Garcia, Eulàlia Pascual and Manel Vila (designated by Government) and Magda Oranich and Antoni Pigrau (elected by Parliament in November 2013, on the first phase of renewal of the Board).

The current vicepresident, Antoni Pigrau, will assume the presidency of the Institute until the Board appoints a new president, in substitution of Rafael Grasa.

Father Joan Botam receives the ICIP Peace in Progress Award

On Tuesday, April 12, ICIP presented the 2015 Peace in Progress Award to Capuchin friar Joan Botam, promoter of numerous initiatives linked to peace and ecumenism, at a ceremony that took place at the Parliament of Catalonia.  He received the award for being one of the main proponents of pacifism in Catalonia and a strong advocate of interfaith dialogue and religion as a source of peace.

The ceremony was chaired by the President of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Raül Romeva, and ICIP president Rafael Grasa. It was attended by the honoree and by numerous representatives of various religious and spiritual traditions of Catalonia.

Complete video of the event

ICIP Library joins the catalog of Catalan universities

The Library of the International Catalan Institute for Peace is included in the Collective Catalog of Catalan Universities (CCUC). The CCUC is a catalog with over five million titles allowing access to more than ten million physical documents. It includes the collections of the libraries of Catalan universities and other partner libraries.

Users of CCUC libraries can borrow books and request copies of articles and other documents throughout the network. This inclusion – one of the crowning achievements in the history of our library – will make our collections available to the entire university community. At the same time, it will give them more external visibility and increase their use. Despite this new inclusion, the ICIP Library will remain a member of the Network of Specialized Libraries of the Generalitat.

ICIP fosters research on Women and Peace

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament, on May 24th,the International Catalan Institute for Peace has elaborated a compendium of materials and publications produced by the Institute which tackle the topic “Women and Peace”. It includes different publications, exhibitions and audiovisuals, as well as the resources on the work of women for peace available at the ICIP Library, specialized in peace, security and conflicts

Latest publications

- Women, Peace and Security. 15 years of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Report by Maria Villellas.

- El crit de la consciència, by Martin Luther King. Published by ICIP and Angle Editorial (in Catalan).

- La naturaleza de los conflictos intractables. Resolución de conflictos en el s.XXI, by Christopher Mitchell. Published by ICIP and Edicions Bellaterra (in Spanish).

- Trenta preguntes sobre l’OTAN. 30 anys després del referèndum, elaborat pel Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau. Published by ICIP and Líniazero (in Catalan; pdf and ePub) .

- The international agenda on women, peace and security: a review of the first 15 years of resolution 1325 and proposals for action in Catalonia. ICIP Policy Paper by Maria Fanlo, Elena Grau and Sabina Puig.

- ICIP Bibliographic Dossier. Issue 13. The most relevant articles on peace and security published recently in the journals available at the ICIP library.

- ICIP Activity Report 2015 (in Spanish)

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