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Arcadi Oliveres, Winner of the 2017 ICIP Peace in Progress Award

The ICIP Governing Board has decided to award the 2017 ICIP Peace in Progress Award to Arcadi Oliveres for his tireless dedication and commitment in the promotion of peace, social justice, human rights and disarmament, from a universal perspective.

The ICIP Peace in Progress Award is granted annually and consists of public recognition, a sculpture created by Nobel Peace Prize winner, activist and artist Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, called Porta del Sol, and a financial prize of 4,000 euros.

Previously granted

ICIP announces the 2nd edition of its Hip-hop for Peace Contest

ICIP has publicly announced the second edition of its Hip-hop for Peace Contest, once again with the objective of giving more visibility to the commitment and creativity of young people in the context of the culture of peace.

The contest contains two categories. In the first one, students of the Catalan compulsory secondary education, vocational education or high school level can sign up; in the second category, boys and girls between 12 and 25 years, linked to youth, cultural, civic or socio-educational centres and organisations can register. In both cases, to sign up for the contest, a group needs to consist of minimum three people.

Registration is open until 30th January 2018, which falls together with the School Day for Nonviolence and Peace (DENIP, Dia Escolar de la Noviolència i la Pau).

Check the regulations and the registration form here.

ICIP approves a new framework of action for the next four years

The ICIP Governing Board approved the document "Work focus for the 2022 ICIP. Peacebuilding and the development of coexistence" which fixes the overall framework of action the institution will follow during the next four years. The document is based on numerous contributions, collected over the last months by various actors, from a wide range of degrees of reflection. Internal reflections at the heart of ICIP’s Governing Board and working team, and inquiries of an external nature with representatives of all parliamentary groups, private persons from the academic world, organisations from civil society and international institutions, such as SIPRI and the Flemish Peace Institute.

The work document fixes, as general action criteria, the creation of four main transversal programs, which need to include research; transfer of knowledge, training and public outreach; opinion forming; and support for concrete peace actions. These programs are:

- Program 1: Peacebuilding and the development of coexistence after violence.

- Program 2: Violence outside armed conflicts.

- Program 3: Peace and security in public policies.

- Program 4: Companies, conflicts and human rights.

Capsule #100 concludes the project "Càpsules de Pau"

At the occasion of the memorial for the International Peace Day, celebrated on the 21st September, ICIP published the Peace Capsule #100, summarising the project that had been started in 2014 within ICIP’s course of action on the topic of raising awareness around peace.

Each capsule is a short reflection, lasting one minute, on what peace means, recorded on video with Catalan, Spanish and English subtitles. The testimonies can be found on, created by ICIP and the Col·lectiu Contrast, with the collaboration of Digital Dosis. With the last extension, the project has 99 reflections to show for, coming from peace researchers, activists and people who have lived through a conflict, coming from 37 different countries.

Among the latest testimonies, we highlight the contribution from personalities such as Arcadi Oliveres, economist and peace activist, recently awarded with the 2017 ICIP Peace in Progress Award; Brigitte Vasallo, feminist and antiracist writer, and Ahmed Galai, member of the Tunisian Peace Dialogue Quartet, 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The Capsules de Pau project was born with the objective of showing the wide range of angles and expectations that are being projected on the word Peace. Persons from all around the world, with different roles, answer the question: What does peace mean to you?, linking it with the experience people went through in countries in conflict or with their commitment against war and in favour of peacebuilding.

Last publications

- Achievements and challenges in the peace process of the Basque Country, ICIP Policy Paper by Pedro Ibarra Güell.

- La gestión de las crisis sociopolíticas ¿Prevención y/o cambio estructural?, by Vicenç Fisas. Published by ICIP and Bellaterra Edicions (in Spanish).

- Introducció a la noviolència, by Ramin Jahanbegloo. Published by ICIP and Pagès editors (in Catalan).

- El cor pensant dels barracons. Cartes des d’Amsterdam i el camp de Westerbork, by Etty Hillessum. Published by ICIP and Angle Editorial (in Catalan).

- Buscadors de la veritat. Veus per la pau i la noviolència (Ed. David Cortright). Published by ICIP and Angle Editorial (in Catalan).

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